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I’m in a bit of a pickle. The Indian Dealership in Memphis’s tech is in the hospital and it’s going to be a couple weeks before anyone can get to it at another shop in town, so I thought I’d see if the collective brain had any ideas, since I didn’t find anything like this posted anywhere else.

Bike started overheating (230 at a normal stoplight). If I’m riding above 40mph, it’s at the normal 174. Coolant level seems fine.

Here is the strange part. When I took it by a shop and they did an initial check on it, they checked the temperature, and it was sitting at around 185. The gauge was reading 220 just a couple minutes prior, however.

It feels hotter than I’ve felt it, but I haven’t smelled anything that smells like boiling coolant. I was thinking thermostat issue before I had the guy check the temperature. Now I’m just confused. 💁‍♂️
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