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flying down the road trying to loosen my load.
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I have two sets of Osprey saddlebags fringed with conchos. I am willing to sell ONE of the two sets. One set is White with green piping (can easily be re dyed). Second set is Black.

You can munt them using indian spools or buy a set of Osprey spools, either will work fine but the Ospreys have an anti-theft feature that requires a special allen wrench to install or remove...

I bought the white saddle bags for show but really have no need for two pair of saddle bags. If you buy my black ones, I will just re-dye the white ones darker (maybe green or black) and keep on riding like nothing has changed. The black bags have 2000 miles on them but are very clean and have +$65.00 HD locks installed on them.

$450.00 plus shipping @$65.00 Paypal only.

Pics ?

yes you can get pics but only if you email me at [email protected].
1 - 3 of 3 Posts