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Oily Mess: Crankcase Blow-By: Dealer says Normal?

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I just get done riding 2-3 hundred miles and my left side cover is always covered in oil. The dealer says it's Crankcase Blow-By, and it's normal (oil checked, level and hot, just above the add, dealer says he put in 5.5Qts, no more/no less). Also said that as I have hi-flow air cleaner, stage-2 cams, ECU stage-2 flash and performance exhaust, it will be even more prevalent. So, our bikes are supposed to have oil smeared down the left saddlebag and side cover from the crankcase blow-by? Is this B.S., or have I just bought the wrong bike?... I love my new Chieftain, but this seems poorly designed.

Anybody else have this issue? Anybody else fix this issue?

WTF? Alright ya smart guys, pour the knowledge on me...
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