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I just picked up my Chieftain on Tuesday from her 5000 mile service and was informed by Gregor at Barnett Indian that when they removed the second drain plug all of the threads came with it and the case needed to be repaired. Gregor told me that there is only about 3 1/2 threads that hold the drain plug in. This is the 9th Indian that this has happened to at Barnett, most of them on their first service mine was the 1st one they have seen happen on the second oil change. This is a $200.00 repair plus parts, Barnett drills out the case and installs a steel insert for a permanent repair, they have had a special jig made to insure that the case is drilled out straight. Indian will not accept this as a warranty claim they say it is the responsibility of the owner for any stripped out fasteners. Barnett did not charge me for the repair (Thank God) but Gregor did say that Mark Barnett is getting tired of eating these repairs and he did ask me to contact Indian customer service to see if I could get them to warranty their obvious defect in design. Hopefully I will be able to get them to do something about it, I do have a good relationship with customer service, they really helped me out when the A team in Vegas screwed up on delivery of my bike and charging me for accessories and not wanting to honor the due bill. I am very glad that I have the dealer do my services but I know a lot of guys do it themselves so I wanted to let everyone know about this issue especially since Indian does not want to do anything about it. I have posted the pictures Gregor gave me of the stripped out plug and the repair.
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I had a dealer install a Heli coil, not working still leaking now I'm going to another dealerships that's going to install a time Sert? Does that really work? Please advise since I see you had one install on your bike
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