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You all have seen the posts, we officially have our Short Backrests in! They will Fit the 2014 & up Chieftains, Springfields, Roadmasters, and the Challengers!

We have a very limited amount. We won't be posting them on the website, we are currently only offering them to those who are here on this forum!

The taller version is about 24" from top of the backrest pad to the bottom of the docking hardware. The shorter version is about 20 inches tall, so about 4 inches shorter.

If you would like to order, you can call us at (360) 366-2600 and let Brenna know you saw the notice about the short sissy bars on the Indian Forums :)

The backrests with the luggage rack are $599.99. The next batch we make, we will be raising the price! So be sure to call now and get your order in before that happens!



(Comparison above & below! Red bike - Tall, White bike - short)

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