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Have you noticed our new homepage? We are excited to tell you about some of the features that we have included. We have taken a user-first approach and received feedback from some of our power users to come up with the current format. Our algorithm will serve a customized experience based on your prior engagement with our content. If you’ve liked and or commented, or are following certain topics that are of interest to you, similar content will appear at the top of the homepage. Originally, it would have taken you several steps to find your interests, but we have simplified the experience and with one click your interests are presented to you.

Our new homepage boasts a personal customized feed which is easier and faster to navigate. In line with the improved and simplified look and feel, we are removing native ads from the home page and are willing to take the monetary loss in order to improve the user experience on our platform. In the future, we will be releasing new features that will allow for more customization by filtering and sorting your customized feed to a higher degree.

We are cognizant of the experience that we are building for our users as we always have our users top of mind when developing new features on our platform. We’d love to have your feedback, ideas, comments, and or suggestions on our new homepage. Your opinion matters to us, please comment below.

- Community Management
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