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Getting ready for a ride and headlight wont come on. The high beam indicator light is blinking on and off, driving lights are on and wont turn off. Is there a fuse somewhere? I checked the ones under left side cover, none blown. HELP!!!
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I can change the headlight bulb in a RM/ Chieftain in about 10 minutes. Why would it take anyone an hour?
It is indeed the headlight bulb, have had to change mine out twice. Blinking hi/lo indicator is meant to alert you that your bulb isn't working. You would never know it till the sun went down if you were running alone. As to why it would take an hour to change out - on a Chief you must take the nacelle off the bike to access the bulb. One of the few things about my Vintage that sucks - Dan
Yeah, I need to read up on that. Earlier on guys were having trouble with the 2014 models not being compatible with LED's, but some have found a way around problem. Or different bulbs were discovered? Not sure, that's why I need to catch up. Honestly, this bike has the best visibility at night of any bike I've owned, don't feel the need to upgrade. But if LED's last longer it would be a benefit. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing - Dan
The RM/Chieftain (which it appears the OP has) takes just a few minutes. Does the headlight not come out of the front easily on the unfaired bikes?
The whole headlight assembly (nacelle) must be removed from bike to access the headlight bulb on the Chiefs - Dan
I'm not a big guy at 5'8", 170, and I sure as hell can't get my hand in there. Wish I could, things would be a lot easier - Dan
1 - 4 of 29 Posts