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Yesterday while riding I experienced something I have never felt before. At about 100 km/h my 2018 Indian Scout lurches and I see the speedometer go down to near 0. The bike never went down that much and the gear indicator said I was in first gear when I was actually in sixth. Also the ABS light came on when I was at cruising speed. Now my bike is doing the same funny lurch every 30 seconds to a minute

My initial thoughts was that it might be the battery. I have had a feeling the battery is on the way out as I have recently had trouble starting the motorcycle. When I turn the key and flip the kill switch to on I get the start up sound as usual.. Since about May when I hit the starter I get the start-up sound again then it would start on the second push. Now its been taking me about 3-4 pushes to start the bike, but with no ill effects since yesterday. I should note that I have a custom fairing on the bike with a sound system on it. I would hope that this is a battery issue causing the more serious problem of the lurching, but I don't see how the battery would effect the performance of the bike while it is in motion.

Anyone able to help or have experienced the same problem?
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