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Neatsfoot oil

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I got a new Vintage for Christmas. (great wife) Has anyone used neatsfoot oil on the leather goods? The dealer told me not to use the product supplied and to use neatsfoot oil on everything every 2 weeks. Anybody used this product? Any thoughts?
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I use a product called Huberd's. It's been around over 100 years and was mainly used on workboots and horse tack. Has bees wax among other ingredients. There's two varieties, shoe grease and shoe oil. Grease is used on heavy duty work boots etc and will darken leather substantially. The oil is for finer leather and I use it on jackets and dress shoes and it will darken leather maybe one shade but i havent really seen a substantial difference. Excellent stuff.

Neatsfoot oil contains animal byproducts and those products break down over a fairly short time.

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I use obenauf's heavy duty lp on all my leather goods recommended by a smoke jumper friend as it is what they use to protect all their leather items fighting Forrest fires
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