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Backstory: I purchased an 8” horn last summer for my 19’ Chieftain DH. Install went smoothly and the horn worked great!

Issue: after a long ride in very wet conditions my horn stopped working. I could hear the compressor winding up but no sound was coming out of the trumpet. I contacted Buffalo Brand with the issue and they responded promptly. They walked me through a few simple steps to check the diaphragm for water intrusion. Unfortunately I was still experiencing the same problem so they asked me to ship the compressor section back to them.

Return: They quickly analyzed the problem and replaced the diaphragm. The horn was returned to me within a couple days (there was a weekend gap in there) and I was back on the road. Best news of all is they reimbursed me for shipping it out to them and paid for return shipping.

All said and done I was out of pocket zero dollars and I had a repaired system. Great work by Buffalo Brand. They stand behind their product and are quick to assist with any issues! Well done!
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