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This is my first discussion and wanted to just post my bobber and go through what I've done to it and some of the lessons learned
Bought a 2018 scout bobber stock as could be with no plans to modify it till day 2 of riding. It had to have a new seat, which snowballed into the bike I have today.

Pictures are how she sits now.(updated) The following posts will be covering my modifications with the installation headaches encountered.

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The first modifications out the door were:

Replaced with Joker machine brake and clutch lever
- Small note is that the brake lever does not come with the threaded insert that actually makes contact with the brake piston switch ( idk if that's what its actually called) so you must use the one off the stock lever, which is a pain to remove

Removed stock and spliced in fork tube blinkers [Miniclue amber led turn indicators] (just some generic ones I found on Amazon) and some Motogadget bar end blinkers.
- used the factory plugs and spliced it into 2 wires IE: I have both right blinkers coming into the factory right blinker plug wiring harness, super easy.
-the tube blinkers went on easy no problems
-the Motogadget blinkers were a nightmare.
The wiring was simple enough. Had to drill a hole in the handle bars to run the wires, that part went smooth the nightmare came from mounting them into the ends of the handlebars. the hardware that comes with them are suited for handlebars that have an open end, unlike the stock bobber handlebars which have a nut welded to the inside for the mirrors.
the nut happens to fit the Motogadget bolt perfectly so i thought i would use that. But i also wanted to still have my bar mirrors. so i got creative, after hours of fiddling I came up with a solution: used the spacer that came with the mirrors, then the large rubber washer then a small rubber washer, then a metal washer. (see picture) it ended up working occasionally if i push on my mirror the blinker will spin though. I used blue loctite on the ends of the bolt.

Handle Bar Grips:
Replaced with Brass Balls leather Moto Grips.
Required that I drill out the ends in order to fit the Motogadget blinkers.
The throttle rattled under normal vibrations of the bike, so I removed it and added some electrical tape to the handle bar which solved the problem. Apparently the stock bobber bars taper to a smaller diameter as the reach the ends, which I did not know

Foot pegs:
Replaced with Joker machine Serrated footpegs long, install was simple

Replaced with tank machine mirrors
Turns out when you buy them they are sold individually. Had to go back and order a second one.

Endscuoio Custom seat
Install was simple, came with mounting place, I absolutely love it

Replaced with J.W. Speaker 8690 LED Headlight
Install went smooth and was simple, except when I was removing the headlight retention springs, one shot into my eyeball. It hurt. Make sure to adjust it to the right angle per the instructions. After a lot of riding I realized that it was rotating in the housing so yesterday i inserted a screw into the bottom of the housing in order to prevent it from rotating, we will see how that holds up.

Fork Bellows:
Bought em from tank machine. What a huge pain. I lifted my bike up on a harbor freight jack, loosed up the triple clamp and slid them on... was awful

That's it for this post, next post will cover my ohlins, stage 1, exhaust, pv3, and my rekluse.

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Looking really great but we need a better picture of the whole thing!

:) yea I need to go take some glamour shots. I am not finished quite yet. Still waiting on my rear fender and re-doing my taillights. Figured I'd type up some info on the things I did. I had a hard time finding some information about some of the things, figured it might help someone.

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:) yea I need to go take some glamour shots. I am not finished quite yet. Still waiting on my rear fender and re-doing my taillights. Figured I'd type up some info on the things I did. I had a hard time finding some information about some of the things, figured it might help someone.
Seriously jealous of the bar lights. Bring on the pics.

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Alright Moving on to: ohlins, stage 1, exhaust, pv3, and my rekluse

The stock shocks left something to be desired [probably because I had no idea how to adjust em]. I learned ALOT on this journey. I ended up going with Ohlin S36PR1C1L Rear Suspension. Not due to any real performance benefit over the foxes or the other various brands available but due to the "sex appeal". At first I ordered the wrong ones off of revzilla, had to return them then jumped through hoops trying to find them in stock in the blackout version (which tank machine carries but charges a small fortune for). After not being able to find them i decided to "settle" for the normal colored ones. I ordered them from two different sites that then contacted me saying they were no longer available, then found out that they are no longer manufactured. Then finally scavenging the internet for what seemed weeks, got my hands on a set.
Install- easy peasy, jack up the bike bolt on per instructions, set pre-load as instructions
After riding- I ended up tightening them up almost 1.5 inches. I'm a 200 lb rider, 185 not riding, I find a smother ride with them tighter.
Lessons: Piggy back shocks are not necessarily better or worse. They hold more fluid than monotube shocks which allows for better heat dispersion which should extend their life and provide "better" rebound dampening. The ohlins that I got are easily adjusted (preload takes a couple minuets), that said I love mine and would buy them again, that is not to say that you could not get similar performance from other brands.
One thing that i did do was paint the connecting arm from the reservoir to the shock and the bottom connecting eyelet I think this color combo looks better than the way that they come from the factory

Stage 1:
Again a lot of products out there I ended up getting Zippers MaxFlow Intake. For those who don't know it goes under the gas tank. There is a lot of information on the forums about stage 1's I picked this one because from my reading it basically allowed the most air in. Indianster is a very helpful and active member in this forum and had posted a lot about how amazing mechanically it is, so I trusted him and got it.
Install- was simple. Taking off the tank for the first time, not as simple. The only hang up is really the fuel connector

There are so many different exhausts out there for this bike and a lot of them are awesome! If you are going strictly for performance there are tons of threads arguing that out. I wanted sexy. I ended up getting Freedom Performance radical radius exhaust (Quite Baffles). There was little information on the quiet baffles. Here are a few of the things I learned that i could not find in threads or anywhere else.
--The pipes will come shinny metal. It is the heat shield that is either black or chrome.
--Quiet baffles must be custom ordered (you have to call)
- when you order the quiet baffles, you will receive them separately along with the non quiet ones ( so now I have an extra part sitting in my garage
- The quiet baffles do drop the sound about 10dB. but that is from about 100. My exhaust with the quiet baffles comes in at 91dB ( Doesn't wake my baby when he is sleeping but my wife can hear it when I leave.. its loud but i wouldn't say too loud.)
-These pipes help top end performance (6K+ RPM) But loose low end torque. Mine is still plenty "torquie"
- The mounting hardware is not "exact" its dam close enough to work but there is definitely wiggle required to make it fit.
Concerns I have read about with these pipes:
"Your leg is too close" - I have never had a problem, then again I don't ride in shorts. Jeans offer ample protection. It gets a little warm on hot days (92F+) while sitting in traffic, but then I just rest my right foot on the peg and all is well.
"passenger foot pegs don't fit" - Half truth. So they do fit if you use Relocation brackets : Scout Passenger Peg relocation bracket set .....aaaaannnddd install the pegs backward. Which I did at first, I found this to be unsafe when it caught my calf and drug my foot under the bike. You can install them forward if you grind away some excess metal. I did it and it works ( I will cover this more in my passenger peg portion of this post.
Overall: it is a little loud at first, I've gotten used to it. It is not comfortable to hold a normal conversation while bike idles. But I love the look and sound, would buy again.

PV3 and the tune:
When replacing the exhaust and the intake you must tune afterwards. If you buy a PowerVision 3 (dynojet) buy it from fuel moto! I am so glad I did they help so much with the map support. Hookup is easy just plug into diagnostics port, the computer portion is easy, works like a thumb drive, drag and drop tune on there and follow directions for flash (once you receive your custom map from fuel moto of course)
4 Months after receiving my tune I contacted CraigB1960 who had initially sent it to me requesting a modification of a lower idle RPM and he had it back to me the same night. Their customer service is awesome.

Rekluse clutch:
Is an ongoing nightmare. It worked for a month and it was amazing I loved it. I had a rekluse certified mechanic install it, and he did it all correctly, after a month my bike would creep forward (or drag). constant adjustment of my clutch cable was required to prevent it until i reached the end of my adjustment nut and it would just not stop dragging. My mechanic said that my cable was stretched out. So I bought a new one, got myself a Barnet clutch cable. Got it adjusted perfectly and still had clutch drag. so i went out and rode my bike hard and had serious slippage. Adjusted clutch cable until no more slipping but then I had drag. Mechanic suggested changing idle RPM from 1100 to 1000 due to spring limitations. Contacted CraigB1960, got that tune, did it. Rode hard again, and then burned up my fiber and steel plates. Pics were sent to Rekluse and am currently awaiting replacement plates. ( they have awesome support)
What its suposto do: when stopping you do not have to pull the clutch lever it auto disengages, and then will engage when RPM goes up (ie roll on throttle) you do still have to shift gears! If you can master clutch-less shifting then you don't have to use your lever at all. Basically you cannot stall your bike.
Overall: its great when it works, I have contacted some others with the Rekluse clutch on their Indian Scouts and 2 people that I know of have had the same issues and eventually just gave up on them. I am really hopeful that i can get mine to work because it makes for a wonderful ride. We will see.

My next post will cover:
Headlight grill, Primary cover, Passenger foot pegs, License place bracket, and my current taillight setup.

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Had to look up Wunderkind. Looks interesting, should look good with your set up . I also like the seat . I have not seen this seat on any other set up, but I like it.

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Had to look up Wunderkind. Looks interesting, should look good with your set up . I also like the seat . I have not seen this seat on any other set up, but I like it.
Yea, I was going to get the 1920 solo seat, but then I test rode one with it and did not like the height, personally on a Bobber I wanna be low and close to the road, this was the lowest profile seat that I could find. I really like it, my wife hates it, she prefered the stock seat.

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Hello everyone, I love both Wunderkind Fender, he is perfect from my point of view, also the tail light indicator integration is high-end.
Greetings and stay healthy
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