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My annual Sturgis Movie Picture Slideshow, 2018

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There are a ton of custom motorcycle pics from Sturgis in the video. Of course you will see my 2017 Roadmaster, and a bunch of other Indians and other customs in the video. Enjoy.

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Storm, thanks for sharing your 2018 Sturgis vacation with us. You took some fantastic photos and I THANK YOU for all the time and effort you put into your video. I had the right and ability to shut it down whenever I wanted but chose to watch it all. Till next year, all the best!!!

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Not a bad video at all. Liked the shots of the landscape and that lake, especially.

Could've used a little more of the cute blonde lady and a little less of that heavyset dude in it, though.

AND maybe a few more pics of different kinds of motorcycles other than just freakin' Harley cruisers, one after another.

Oh, wait! This was STURGIS, huh! Never mind then about that last suggestion here.


(...btw here heavyset're not gonna sue me for this, are ya?!!!)
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