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I have a 2018 Indian Roadmaster thats pretty much stock. I don't have stage 1 exhaust and I'm in the process of removing the cat from my header. I'm also considering popping the caps out of my stock mufflers or swapping them out. Once done, I realize that I'll have to either take it to the dealer to remap or or put an EFI controller on to do the mapping myself. I'd like to keep the cost down as much as possible. I called the dealer and was not at all encouraged...all he wanted to do was sell me a stage 1 kit and recommend that afterward, I just leave the stage 1 mapping and that would work. There are several controllers out there. It seems that the power commander V is most popular, but there's also Dynojet, Vance & Hines and I'm sure many more. I would some advice of which direction I should go.

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