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Hey FTR riders!

Looking to streamline your bike?

Combustion Industries has expanded our Micron turn signal line with a solution specifically designed for the FTR.

These are a direct plug and play(JST connectors) replacement designed to be a seamless, minimal replacement for the FTR's stock signals. These will work front or rear with stock or high mount install.

I'd like to thank the members on the forum that helped testing these for the last month or so as well!

*Waterproof internal billet housing (IP67 rated)
*3d manufactured housing (BASF developed composite)
*IC controlled to maximize brightness and lifespan
*80,000 hour rated lights; backed up by a 1 yr warranty
*10mm light diameter with protective lens
*Simple bolt on installation reusing original 6mm hardware
*Plug and play JST connectors, amber turn signals (functions same as stock)

More details can be found here: Micron Turn Signals for the FTR

Use code "ForumDiscount" to get a 10% discount. Thanks!!!
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