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Welcome to the May's Ride of the Month Competition!


April's ROTM Winner @mikel

Please follow all instructions posted below

  1. You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
  2. List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
  3. The vehicle must be yours. Vehicles waiting to be purchased may not be included
  4. Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your vehicle, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your vehicle*
  5. Votes for the month’s winner will be tallied by the number of “Likes” your post has on the last day of the month. The winner at the end of the month will win a free 1 Year Premium Membership for the forum and a custom flair under their username. If the winner is already a premium member, their subscription will be extended an additional year.
  6. Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.
  7. If you have won in a previous month, you can no longer enter for the rest of the year. However, if you have a second car that meets the above criteria, you can enter that.

* These are optional but encouraged

Winners will be featured on the sites gallery, found here. (link to site gallery)

2018 Indian Chief
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2018 Chief
  • Indian driving lights, mustache bar, oil cooler, high-flow air intake, shift pegs, fringed mudflaps and lever wraps
  • Rinehart slip-ons with "Merge" tips
  • Kuryakyn "Scythe" mirrors, heel shifter, "Spear" brake peg, helmet lock
  • Fox Creek Leather's "soft tool bag" mounted with a custom bracket on the headlight nacelle

I guess my favorite thing about the bike is the feeling it gives me... pride of ownership, art appreciation, and (of course) the exhilaration of the ride. Every time I pull it out of garage and fire it up (and I mean every time, over a year since I bought it now), the glorious sound of that Thunder Stroke 111 through the Rineharts and the sheer beauty of the thing just blows me away. "I can't believe this is mine"... every time!

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Here's my 2018 Roadmaster.

Some of the mods:
  • Custom paint, two tone with a Brandywine and Cream in a Candy finish
  • Jackpot 2/1/2 pipes
  • Rinehart Exhaust
  • Lloydz hi flow air intake
  • PV-CX tune
  • Kuryakn Phantom floorboards, pegs
  • Corbin two-tone seat

I love the versatility of this bike. With the trunk and bags off, it's a completely different ride than when fully bagged out, my wife on the back, and loaded down for a long road trip. I can have fun in the twisties or enjoy eating up the miles. And of course it's always fun to have people stop to admire or chat about the bike's performance and good looks!




Pre-seat upgrade:

2015 Roadmaster Black
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2015 Roadmaster
New to me last Saturday. (I have only put about 150 miles on it so far)
Mods include:
Freedom Performance headers and 4" slip-ons
Indian stage one air filter and tune
Heat shields
Copper Indian head medallions horn cover and dipstick
Drivers backrest
Best features:
It's mine,
The look,
The sound,
And the wife no longer complaining about how uncomfortable she is when we ride.

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here is my 2018 chieftain limited. Ive done alot to it
vic wide front end
challenger lit war bonnet
Lloydz air cleaner
Lloydz 585 cams and high lift springs
ultimate heated seat
mid rise bars with rox risers
custom stereo upgrades pushing 1200 watts
plasma rod turn signals
custom floor boards with flip out highway pegs
custom rear crash bars that exstend out and down more
led head light and passing lights
jes wind deflectors
de gutted cat with rush slip ons
touring console
heated grips
that is what comes to mind there are several other mods as well.


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Here is my 2019 FTR 1200S.

* White powder coated wheels
  • Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires
  • Toce low mount 2 into 1 exhaust system
  • Indian Pro Taper Rally Foot Pegs
  • Indian Side Number Plates
  • Constructors Racing Group (CRG) Arrow Bar-End Mirrors
  • New Rage Cycles (NCR) Fender Eliminator

I recently got it shipped here to Honolulu Hawaii and can't wait to take it on some of my favorite roads here. However, to get it here I road it from Phoenix AZ to San Diego CA enjoying the wide open areas, desert scenery, and big sky - a great change from tropical Hawaii. The FTR is light an nimble compared to the Harley I just sold for it. Acceleration is instant and cornering a blast. Not many twisties int he desert, but I know some good roads on Oahu I'll be hitting.


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Here is my 2000 Gilroy Indian Chief

  • Custom Painted Air Filter Cover
  • 6 Speed Rev Tech Transmission
  • Cloud Seat
  • After Market Starter
  • After Market Bars
  • Aftermarket Controls/grips

My father and his buddy bought a '45 Chief before getting sent off to Nam. They worked all summer fixing it up then put hundreds of miles on it before draft day when they sold it and split the cash. Until I can get an emerald green '45 with side car, my Garlic does the trick!



2002 Indian Chief
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Okay, here goes. My 2002 Chief. Gotta love those big bottle caps! Haven't done any mods myself, but the previous owner completely changed the look of the bike, definitely for the better. I would love to add front and back crash bars if I could find them for this model year. I'm super-impressed by many of the other bikes I've seen entered. Mine is kind of a plain Jane, but it suits me. I like subtle.

As far as a memorable ride, last summer riding into work, I came around the corner, and standing in the middle of the road was a big black bear. Now, my Chief, not normally known for agility and quickness at over 800 pounds, was like an Olympic gymnast that morning. A quick flick to the left, a little floorboard scrape, and I was past Yogi in a flash.


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ok, cannot post in the April‘s ROTM contest thread anymore so I‘m doing it here. Thank you for making my bike a winner :)
Ride safe everybody...
Congratulations Mike. I always knew that bike was a one of a kind. Just keep it simple.
Ride Safe, my Brother.

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Going to have some tough competition! Got some awesome photos and bikes already posted!

  • You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
Battleship New Jersey Camden NJ

Revolutionary War Museum Philadelphia Night Op

United States Mint Philadelphia

  • List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
Cat Delete and Stage 1 Upgrade airbox and exhaust. The Stage 1 exhaust was still woefully inadequate, I upgraded to some Tab Zombies. Absolutely love them. Capt. Itch crotch cooler, and I have had some work done to the stock seat with the aftermarket backrest. It has a lowered shock and extended reach handlebars that come closer to me. Otherwise, the motor is as it was when it left the factory. I have added quite a few lights, namely the most important for me are the Skene Design P3 Tail lights around the rear of the license plate, and Photon Blasters in the front mounted to the fender bolts on the forks. Otherwise some other front facing LED switchbacks on the lower leg fairing, more on the saddlebags, and a Mic Tuning bar I mounted under the back of the trunk (all tied in to the Custom Dynamics Load Isolator). Badlands run/turn module for the front stock turns making them yellow running lights and yellow turn signals. And some home made floorboard trim.
  • The vehicle must be yours. Vehicles waiting to be purchased may not be included
  • Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your vehicle, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your vehicle*
Every time I take it out. It's got everything I never had before on my old VTX. Not a fair comparison really. Loved the VTX, but I know I'll love riding this one for many years to come. Already almost 8700 miles since I got it almost 1 year ago!


2020 Roadmaster Icon & 2016 Vintage
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Thought I would throw something a little different - just a splash of color, all the Bikes look great. This is my 2020 Roadmaster Icon with Classic Whitewalls. What can I say I am sucker for this look.

I have outfitted it with:

  • ChromeCaliper covers
  • Driver and Passenger select chrome floorboards
  • Got to have the Indian Cupholder
  • Chrome pegs
  • Chrome select heal and toe shifter
  • Saddlebag protectors
  • Pinnacle Mirrors
  • Chrome front & Rear Bumpers
  • Backrest a bd Passenger Arm rest (for my Better-Half)
  • Chrome mid-rise handlebars
  • LLoydz 585 Cams
  • TAB Zombie Mufflers
  • Indian High Performance Air Intake
  • 600 Watts of Pumping Music
  • Leather Fringes

Favorite part -
The ride is smooth at any speed, wife and daughter Love the comfort - I easily transform it into another look when I take the trunk off. I actually don't mind the compliments

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My favorite ride was with some military buddies, we called it, "The Beer Run". We rode to several breweries, museums, and scenic routes throughout the southeast. The Tail of the Dragon, Devil's Triangle, and Cherohala Skyway were the most memorable. What a ride! Riding an Indian is the only way to see America!

2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

  • Stage 2 performance cams
  • Performance exhaust, black
  • Six shooter exhaust tips
  • Performance air cleaner
  • Pathfinder LED headlight
  • Pathfinder LED running lights
  • Passenger adjustable floor boards
  • Passenger seat
  • Sissy bar, black
  • Sissy bar backrest, black
  • Witchdoctor highway pegs
  • Front highway bar, black
  • Rear highway bar, black
  • Closeouts for front highway bar
  • Leather rear cylinder heat guard
  • Rear leather mud flap
  • Kuryakyn rear LED tail light strips
  • Garmin zumo 395LM GPS
  • Adaptiv TPX 2.0 Radar Detector
  • GoPro Hero 5 Black
  • Polk Audio DB 525 speakers
  • SunPass RAM Mount
  • Klock Werks tinted flared windshield
  • Motordog69 military coin holders (x3)
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