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Like to thank CraigB. and other forum members for their knowledgeable insight and help with my OneOff 129 project.
It was suggested by Craig to get rid of my freedom header, and PCV , upgrade to the PV3 , with wideband tuning , And that was exactly spot on to get my Bucket List 129 where it should be. We have a 8 to 10 more tunes to accomplish via Fuelmoto and Craig B remote tuning, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
All my mentioned upgrades was purchased through Fuel Motto which was a great experience also. Now waiting on the weather to warm up a bit for future updates on this Eye opening experience , and again Big Ole Thanks to Craig B, and other forum members that do know their stuff. :) Cannot emphasise enough , if your doing performance upgrades enlist Craigs help and the help of other knowledgeable form members .
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