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Well I’ve done it now!.
Bought RCX slash cuts in black. When mounting them used silver anti seize inside flange area and outside where brackets sit, BIG mistake....silver crap everywhere. Tried to get off. Nope traces of silver all over the place.

No problem, degrease, tape off and paint with VHT flame proof, flat black. I have the black heat shields and they are more satin. Didnt tape as good as I thought so flat paint on heat shields in two areas and the muffler,.....well just looks like Sh1t too.

Now afraid to take it all off and paint my self.
Wondering if I just scrap it all, and buy new. Suck up the loss because Im Fing stupid, or take it apart and pay a professional to make it all better again.

I have not looked at prices but thinking it is going to be close to same price either way I go.

Unless I can figure how not to be an asshat and do it correctly myself.

Brand new, beautiful thunder black scout 60 and I feel I have ruined it in under a month.

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Johnny dont fret.
Just kick yourself in the ass and pick yourself back up and rework it.
Find out what products remove paint and clean it up and redo it.
Im certain you will be better 2nd time around. You will make it right.
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