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<span>I attended the demo days up at Engel hart Motors in Madison, WI yesterday and had a great time. I am coming off a 2003 Sportster 883C, and haven't had much experience with many other bikes, so I was excited to take out the new Chief. I have always wanted one, ever since I stumbled upon one covered in dust in an old corn crib as a young kid many years ago. In a nutshell, I think it's the best bike I've ever ridden. </span>

<span>Being used to the smaller Sporty, the Chief balanced very well, felt narrow through the seat, and did not feel as heavy as it looks. There was no issue with the kick stand, and I had plenty of room, and the handle bars were at a perfect length for me allowing me to sit upright. I have tried out friends Street Glides and a Softail Deluxe, and a few others - and I felt cramped on those. The Street Glide in particular felt heavy and awkward to manuever compared to the the Chief which feels light and fit me well. I was afraid the floorboards would be in my way as I am used to pegs, but no issue there. Barely noticed them. I wanted to ride a Vintage with the windshield, but they only had three in operation and they were all nabbed up - so I was left to ride a Classic since I didn't want to lose out on riding at least one. I could have waited for the next round, but they had started running behind and it was close to 100 degrees so I just wanted to get in and out. </span>

<span>I have been spoiled by having a windshield - so out on the highway the buffetting was annoying and did not make the ride as enjoyable as I would have liked, however, the bike itself performed great and I had no problems handling it. It practically 'drove itself', has more than enough get up and go, rode like a Caddilac and cornered like a Mustang. The only thing (other than lack of windshield) that I didn't like were the turn signal controls (Both on one switch on the left). I didn't try the Cruise Control because I didn't want to try and figure that out while out riding an unfamilar bike for the first time. I did notice as others have pointed out that I had to consciously look down to view the gauges, but I would consider that a minor inconvenience.</span>

<span>Two other observations about the bikes I saw...</span>

<span>-In person, the design of the headlight really looks very well thought out and executed. I hadn't been able to see it in online photos before just how it flows into the console. Out riding, it really is a nice vantage point.</span>

<span>-The Tan Leather bags looked really good on some bikes, but not so good on others. One bike in particular looked like it had mis matched shades of tan which were very very light - almost what I would call 'buckskin'. An Indian rep did point out they are pre-production units, and that some did not have the proper leather care treatment applied. They also said that the actual production runs will be slightly different and look much better.</span>

<span>Lastly - The Engelhart location itself is a great store and put on a good event. They had great food, cold beverages, and were very helpful and patient with everyone amidst the chaos. They were good people to work with. Also - they have equal space inside for Indian as well as Victory, and the Victory bikes, apparel, and accessories are in stock and very well displayed. I think a lot of HD guys who come in to check out the Indians will certainly stop and look a the Vics.

I went ahead and made a deposit on a red Vintage... and am looking forward to the arrival of 'Chief Red Cloud' !

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