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Does anyone have an email address for the Mothership so I can send off a Technical question?

Or maybe there's a Dealer reading this Forum who's a bit technically motivated to answer my question?

Question is;

The Auxiliary lights are switched on with the button switch behind the nacelle!
It doesn't matter whether you have High or Low beam selected at the handlebar!

I want the Auxiliary lights to only come on when High beam is selected.

My Dealer had a look and the lights are powered from the VCM and if they rewired the Auxiliary lights the way I wanted it would supposedly cause a Fault Code to appear.

My old Heritage Softail auxiliary lights worked the way I want.
My current Triumph Thunderbird's Auxiliary lights operate the way I want.
Surely the Mothership should be able to come up with a work-around for this issue?

Any clues??
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