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hey guys, i try not to plug my own stuff on here too much but im in the middle of a project and still need some more material.

I have a youtube channel where i do motorcycle vids just generally covering topics ive tried to research and couldn’t get great information on. At the moment im doing a collaboration video of indian scout warranty stories and its about 90% done.

If you’re a motovlogger, an instagrammer, or just a regular guy with a phone - im looking for 3-5 minutes of you talking about what issues you have had covered under warranty. You can include your intro if you regularly do videos, or whatever contact info you would want. (Or none, up to you)

If you’re interested please PM me. Videos should be Recorded in high definition, start with you introducing yourself, what bike you have, how long youve had it or miles driven, issues that have come up and then how it was handled by indian. So far all stories are positive but open to anything.

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