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Lets put the reliability issue to bed...

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I hear all the time from "certain" folks:

-Victory Motorcycles were the best, super reliable and well engineered bikes.

-HD's are the most reliable motorcycles ever, they are WAY better and more reliable than Indians.

-Indian motorcycles are unreliable and have electrical problems, they suck!

Granted plenty of people tell me their Indian's are rock solid and they've had no problems also, I would like to address the above statement. How did the same company go from reliable (Victory) to unreliable (Indian)? How is HD really that much more reliable than Indian? The bikes are coming from Polaris a world class engineering and powersports company with ~70 years' experience. What are the real stats? I feel like Indians must be just as reliable as Victory, and probably HD too, if not more reliable.

Any certain percentage of new bikes are going to have problems, so I'm not saying Indians are ALL problem free, I'm just saying it's likely that any OEM, a certain percentage of people will have similar issues that need to be worked out through warranty, etc.

Are there any consumer reports stats on this to put this one to bed once and for all?
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I've had issues with Triumph, Victory, HD. The Triumph had a service bulletin about cooling system problems. I got one of those. Triumph gave me a brand new, one year newer bike. That impressed me. I have a very early Victory that had problem with cylinder leak. I don't recall details, but it was fixed under warranty. I have an HD that had an engine mount bolt back out and lodge itself against the frame. That one pissed me off. I also had an oil pump/sump problem on a 2018 M8. I've had numerous problems with other HDs over the years, so I guess statistically, HD has been the most problematic for me. Not sure why I still have one, but I do enjoy it.

Additionally, any talk of reliability must be based on stock motorcycles. Once the various Stage 1,2,3,4,5.....99 kits are deployed, all bets are off. That's the main reason I don't modify my bikes beyond ergo/comfort mods. But...YMMV....
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