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Pretty new around here but looking for a second opinion on a leak I discovered on my (new to me) 2018 S60 ABS. But first a quick "this is a small world" story...

I purchased the bike (w/ 975 miles on the odometer) about 3 weeks ago (via FB Marketplace) with the help of my sister who lives in NJ. Had the bike shipped to me and naturally started making some minor mods to it to make it "mine". One of them being removing the reduced reach foot controls (once I received my Joker Machine Shift Rod). While down there I notice a small leak very near the kickstand but couldn't tell exactly where from. So I gave everything a good wipe down (stand, ABS module, etc.) and went for a quick ride to test out the feel of the shifter position. Once I got back I waited a little bit and sure enough, there it was again.

Now here's were the story gets interesting.....I get on Google and type in "2018 Indian Scout Sixty leak near kickstand" and THIS thread (which was started in May of 2018) pops up as one of the top results. I go through the thread and honestly didn't give it second thought.......until I noticed the discussion starter's user name. Can you believe that this is my bike I'm reading about??? I'm thinkin' "nah, couldn't be". So I check my bill of sale and sure as sh*t, the dude's name that sold me the bike matches his user name except for his last name showing his initial (don't want to spell it out for obvious reasons). So, long story short, apparently he never took @RBinTEX advice to take it to the dealership and have them sort it out.

Now the problem is mine to hash out. Fortunately, I think I've figured it out. I've posted a couple of pictures of the bike with one of them being where I think the leak is coming from (shift shaft seal). I've done some research and it doesn't look like a big deal to fix myself at all. But before I go ordering a $10 seal, I wanted to get a second opinion on it to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Anyways, thanks in advance for the help!
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