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Figured by now more and more of our Beautiful Bikes are hitting 100k miles or more... As I remember it was and still is @Larry S who has led the Tribe in miles, so in honor of that fact I figured the thread should bare his handle... :)

So if you don't mind please post a pic and anything you feel is important about your bike... Upgrades or not, mechanical problems, services done by, etc...

There is a thread that started talking about high mileage Indians, here is the link: However I wanted to be more specific and pay a bit of respect to Larry S

So please only post if you're at or over 100k Miles... Should provide useful information about the longevity of our bikes. Also should be fun, to me any excuse to post a picture of our bikes is Good to me. :)

I currently only have 77k miles on mine so I still got some scootin' to do.
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