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Awhile back, I hit a very large buck on my '03 Springfield. Starting to get it back on the road and never really cared for the '03 brake light. It just sticks out way too much and doesn't look like they put much effort or thought into the light, although the signal arms and lights are ok. Anyway, I recently found a much more appealing Kings Mountain tail light, in mint condition. But, it did not have the stems/arms/stalks or the indicator lights. I need help finding the parts to complete it, as a set. I realize I could rig up something after-market, but would much rather do it right. The part number for the brake light, that I found, is marked Indian #66-120. Any help with information as to the part numbers, manufacturers, ect, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 20200207_095323.jpg 2009IndianChief3.jpg
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