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I would NOT recommend the K&P oil filter. This filter has an O-Ring that tears and causes a slow oil leak..This is the second O-Ring that has torn and caused a leak on my 2016 Vintage.....If you are running one of these reusable filters, either check that O-Ring constantly or just go back to a regular oil filter. A lot of times, Better is the Enemy of Good.
How many uses did you get from the O-ring before it leaked? Do you rotate the O-ring every oil change? Do you remove the O-ring before you clean the filter? If not, is it possible the cleaning solvent may have damaged the O-ring? Do you tighten the oil filter to specs or crank it down?
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I’m using a K&P filter, it’s new only 2 oil changes on it. No issues. How many oil changes before you had an issue?
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