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Well Just Received , the New JES Temperature Dip Stick , There were 2 Made , sent to Me and One other Rider in New York State .

Well I am very familiar with JES Custom Accents , since I had One on MY 2009 Harley Road Glide , I did have 2 of the Digital Harley Temperature Dip Sticks , and they Never worked Right ! , the Heat made the Battery die soon , and when I did the Boiling Water Test with , the JES , the Harley Digital , and My cooking Digital Thermometers. The Harleys Temp Gauge were all over the Place , the JES Termp Gauge was within 2 Degrees , and Never was Hard to Read , Like the Harley . The Air Filled Gauge is Best , and More Reliable , Temperature starts at 0 degrees to 400 Degrees .

I put the Gauge together , Very Easy , Great Instructions , too . . You have 3 parts. The Base # 3 , that screws into the Engine Case , with a good O Ring . Then you have the Adapter , # 2 , Base , that 2 O Rings on it . The Adapter Base , has a Mark Dot , that aligns the Gauge itself to the Adapter ,, The Gauge has a Pin on it , to align it to the Adapter ?Base , Push the Gauge in the Adapter Base in until it Stops , then you can Rotate the Gauge 360 degrees , where ever you want it , the Gauge has 2 O Ring

The # 3 Base has 2 Set Screws in it , Metric , uses 2 mm Allen , . To assemble , Take the # 3 Base Screw it in to the Top of the Engine Case , Snug it up like you would the Stock Dip Stick , , then you may Notice the Set Screws , may not be in the direction where you can use the allen wrench to tighten then up in the Assembly , so what you do is take a Permanent Marker draw a vertical line on it facing the Front of the Bike , then Remove it , and then take the # 2 Adapter Base , and push in until it bottoms , Hold the two together , then tighten up both Set Screws , Snug too , both Pieces are made of Delrin , Great material , , Be Sure to put Fresh Oil on all O Rings too , Take the Delrin Assembly and screw into the Engine Case , Snug . Then Push the Temp Gauge , align the Pin on the Gauge , to the cut out on top of the # 2 Adapter , push in and rotate it . You can rotate it 360 degrees , There a Dot on the Outer Ring on the Gauge housing the aligns up with the Pin . I took me about Less 20 Minutes to Assemble it on the Bike ready to Ride !

I road the Road Master Tonight , 48 degrees , here in Texas , for about 100 Miles , Zero Oil Leaks , too , just like the One I had On my Harley . It works Perfect , Reads Perfect , and Made Very Well , The Delrin is very Strong , heat Resistant , and Does Not Flex Either . . I am Enclosing the Instructions, and Pictures . It does not even come close to your leg , and does Not touch the side Panels .

They will be available for shipment about the end of march , so Call Joe at JES and get on the List . , I guarantee you will appreciate a Quality Made Product , Gary


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