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My first a
ddition to the new RM was a Crotch Cooler from Captain Itch. While on his web site,
I found these lever fringes (or tassels). They are made of quality leather. To my surprise, there were no instructions in the package. Upon checking the web site, I did not find any there. I did find one Youtube video on how to install lever fringe. Here is the link, but it needs some professional help. Terrible audio.
But, it gave me some ideas.


1. Soak them in water for at least 20 minutes. I only soaked the handle covers and laces, not the whole thing. DO NOT soak the ends ( about the last 4 inches) of the laces. I makes them easier to thread.
2. Get a pair of needle nosed pliers. They make life easier for working the laces tight and you can enlarge the holes if needed.
3. Begin by loosely lacing the lever cover like a shoe. Including any special ending before slipping it over the lever.


On the Captain Itch web site there are pictures showing the laces both facing forward and facing rearward. I liked the rearward configuration the best.

4. Slip the loosely laced cover over the lever and begin making the laces snug. You may have to work them a bit. Using the pliers will help but BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK them. I snugged the laces until about the last three holes.


5. These last holes is where you can get creative. I followed my lacing pattern until the last hole then jumped across to the directly opposite hole. That makes two strands through one hole.
After that, I doubled back up and under second to the last hole. Then I doubled back again and tucked the strand under the lace on the last hole.

6. Snug all laces using the pliers.
7 Leave the tails of the laces (Or cut them if you like). I found they blend in with the tassels.
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