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I am looking for a way to transport my 2016 Scout, the two options I see are trailer and this bike carrier.
600lb capacity hitch mount carrier

I am leaning towards the carrier as it's easier to store, I have a 1 car detached garage.
the trailer I've looked at is the harbor freight model, it folds up but is still large to store.

The hitch mount carrier appears simpler and does not require additional components (floor, tire dock, etc).

Has anyone ever tried the hitch mount type...opinions and suggestions are all welcome, hoping to get some direction on which way to go.
Have you checked your max hitch weight limit on your vehicle?

You also have to consider that you don't want to go over your truck's GVWR. That 560+ lbs on the hitch plus the weight bikes accessories plus weight of the carrier might do that.

I use a small enclosed trailer. Room for luggage as well.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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