If you can see it, it's available! Your price: $450

Polycarbonate 11.3 in. Quick Release Wind Deflector, Tinted, Item # 2883309-266, $649.99
Freedom Shields – 18” clear windshield (attaches to Indian hardware above) $229.00

I used the 18" in the winter and the 11.3" all other times.

Forward facing hardware has been textured to match the headlight nacelle (see image, it looks much better in person). The stock Indian paint was poor and scratched if you looked at it wrong.

There is a small area on the 11.3” Indian Screen where the tint is delaminating, however it is hidden by the hardware and is not in the viewing area of the screen (see last Image).

Specs and fitment available here: Polycarbonate 11.3 in. Quick Release Wind Deflector, Tinted | Indian Motorcycle

Local Pickup, shipping at buyer's expense (I'll include 2 soft duffle bags to protect the screens from scratches at no charge), meet half-way up to 100 miles.