Excellent condition. $320 obo price includes shipping.
Provide your passenger with a secure, comfortable backrest in just seconds by adding this 14” Tall Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar to an Indian
Motorcycle. This tall sissy bar positions the cushioned Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad (sold separately) at about mid-back height on most average-height passengers, providing them with a strong, comfortable back to their seat. The quick release technology lets you install or remove the entire sissy bar in seconds – without tools! Its slotted mounting brackets fit on the mounting spools (sold separately) and a locking lever secures the sissy bar to the Indian Motorcycle® to provide the passenger with confidence-inspiring support. The sissy bar adds versatility, as it can be equipped with an accessory Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack (sold separately) that makes it easy for riders to conveniently carry extra gear. The Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad is sold separately so you can select the color and style that best suit your Indian Motorcycle®.

Designed to Fit
2022 Indian Pursuit Limited with Premium Package
2022 Indian Pursuit Limited Icon with Premium Package
2022 Indian Pursuit Limited
2022 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse with Premium Package
2022 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse Icon with Premium Package
2022 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse
2022 Indian Challenger Jack Daniels Limited Edition
2022 Indian Challenger Elite
2022 Indian Challenger Dark Horse Icon
2022 Chieftain Dark Horse Icon
2021-2022 Roadmaster Limited
2021-2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse
2021-2022 Indian Springfield
2021-2022 Indian Challenger Limited
2021-2022 Indian Challenger Dark Horse
2021-2022 Indian Challenger
2021 Vintage Dark Horse
2020-2022, 2017-2018 Chieftain Elite
2020-2022 Roadmaster Dark Horse
2020-2021 Indian Vintage
2020, 2018 Roadmaster Elite
2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse
2020 Challenger Limited
2020 Challenger Dark Horse
2020 Challenger
2019 Chief Vintage
2019 Chief Dark Horse
2018-2020 Springfield Dark Horse
2018-2020 Chieftain Classic
2017-2022 Roadmaster
2017-2022 Chieftain Limited
2017-2018 Roadmaster Classic
2016-2022 Chieftain Dark Horse
2016-2020 Springfield
2014-2022 Chieftain
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