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Hello all,

Reason for selling and how I got everything:

A while back I sold my Indian Scout. I put a lot of time and effort into that bike and the next "winter project" I had planned for it was to completely eliminate all of the chrome parts off of the bike and replace them with black/subdued parts. One day I went to the Indian dealership and ordered every part I could find on my Scout that needed to be blacked out. If they had the part in black I bought it in black, if they didn't I just bought whatever color they had with the intention of powdercoating the new part. That way I would be able to continue to ride the Scout with its chrome parts while I powdercoated their subdued replacements. I wound up selling the Scout, but still have the parts.

Soooo that is why I have all of these parts. I have a few other parts that are OEM takeoffs, however I will clarify which ones those are in this post. This is a great opportunity for somebody who has wanted to black their Scout out! (or just needs some replacement parts)

There are a lot of parts here. I'm going to list the OEM/list price for each part. FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER BASED OFF OF THOSE PRICES. I was going through decision fatigue coming up with a price for each one so I figured this would make more sense.

$15 flat rate shipping for each part

Brand new parts:

(PN, part description, MSRP)

1204700-156, clutch cover, $355

5414746, clutch cover gasket, $20

1204827-156, valve cover, $248

1204828-156, valve cover, $258

5138687, four valve cover inserts (4 to cover the whole engine), $27.79x4=$111.16

5138953-156, stator badge, $237

5633064-266, ignition cover, LH, black, $134 (I have 2 of these, how idk lol)

5633371-266, thermostat cover, black, RH, $98 (I have 2 of these as well)

2206177 (new PN_2207725), brake lever, $88

2206390, clutch lever, $93

2881185-266, Primary cover badge, black, $70

OEM Take-off parts (These parts were removed at 0 miles, I bought the bike brand new and had the dealer replace the following parts with Roland Sands parts prior to me picking it up from them):

5450465-626, upper belt guard, $125

5633277-626, outer sprocket cover, $225

Front cast wheel, $505

Rear cast wheel, $505

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