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Just pulled these off the 2017 Scout I bought used. New they cost $175 from Indian, I'm asking $110 plus actual cost of shipping (which shouldn't be much as the castings are lightweight aluminum.) I don't have the instructions, but I've marked them left and right on the inside. You use a hex key socket (8mm, if I remember right)
to take off the foot controls being careful not to put a kink in the brake line, bolt the reduced reach castings on the frame, and then bolt the controls to the castings. Moves the pegs back and up 2". I used 35 foot pounds of torque which I got from the crash bars instructions for the same bolts. The gear rod already has the "ball joints" on the ends (see photo) so you won't have to take them off your standard length rod, and they should be exactly the right length.
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