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Here is my long promised thread for discussions and resources on how to tune your Indian motorcycles...TS111, TS116, Scouts 60 & 69, & FTR-1200. The main information I will be providing is through my Indian Roadmaster Blog, which I have turned into an Indian tuning related site only. Please read and reference that blog. If you have questions or comments please do it here so others will have the benefit of the Q&A. There are no dumb questions, so do not hesitate to post. Feel free to copy and paste from that blog here to clarify any questions you may have. I hope the blog will serve as a good reference for your tuning efforts, print it out and use it as a resourse.

The reference blog is here: My Indian Roadmaster Blog

This is a big effort and I am slowly rolling out the information. I will not be going over all the tables in a tune, but will hit on the most important. Please feel free to ask questions on the other tables and we will discuss in this thread. My goal is for you to be able to safely manipulate your tune and through logging of data, make your own corrections. I will be supplying the equations I have written in conjunction with our friend @cmoalem. I have modified these equations to take out the Wideband portion of the equations since this is to support non-commercial tuning. If there are any Python wizards here, please feel free to modify and better these equations and share with me and others.

Finally, I do not claim to be an expert. If I provide any information that is not correct, please post the correction or DM me. We are all here to learn as much as possible in the very short time we are given on the Earth....let's be kind to each other in this thread and perhaps we can demystify this thing called engine tuning.
@CraigB1960 is a gentleman's gentleman!!!
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