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I'm living in Saudi Arabia which is developed country and has the largest economy in the middle east. However, Indian Motorcycle has a negative presence here mainly because of its dealer.

Indian Motorcycle makes Beautiful Machines, but it has a terrible supply chain management. Saudi Arabia could be one of the most successful markets for Indian Motorcycle, but the gross negligence from the Headquarter to enhance its presence in one of the most successful markets in the middle east led to great collapse of the Indian Motorcycle image and reputation.

From 2018 until now, we don't have any showrooms for Indian Motorcycle in Saudi. Where is the accountability towards the brand and Indian Motorcycle customers?! I'm seriously thinking to sell my chieftain and many of my friends shifted to other competitors because of the dealership in Saudi. Enough is enough!!! We've been hearing promises since 2015, what we experience is ridicules!! Now I stopped blaming the dealership since I communicated to both Indian and Polaris about the current situation in Saudi. Please intervene and rectify the situation before it's too late!
The dealership has no oil, filters, basic mantinance equipment, and accessories. They sold to me a Stage 2 last year, but they couldn't install it because they don't have the special tool. In order to install it I have to go all the way to Dubai dealership (900km)!!

I think Indian Motorcycle should be more serious with its dealers to ensure the delivery of a reliable, transparent, and satisfying cutomer experience. The dealership owner is ignorant and arrogant, they intervene in every thing including IMRG and eliminate members they don't like! My main point is can Polaris solve the situation by bringing a new dealership or partnership who shares same values and objectives?
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