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MANY Scout Bobber buyers in the past year have been disappointed to see their bikes, pre-ordered and pre-paid for, delivered with chrome heat shields instead of black. Indian told customers they shipped them with chrome so customer wouldn't have to wait any longer (I waited 17 weeks) and they would replace the chrome with black heat shields as soon as the black heat shields were available. Indian blamed supply chain issues and claimed no black heat shields were available but they would install them as soon as they go them. Months and months pass. Indian and the dealer tell customers who've already paid for their bikes they'll receive their shields in the order they ordered their bike and denied shipping any new bikes with black heat shields, and that any at dealers with black heat shields were installed by the dealer from their stock.
They lie! I went in to my local dealer today and there sits a 2022 Bobber with black heat shields. A google search reveals others at dealerships around the country. Not stock photos, bikes available at the dealer for sale. My dealer, Iron Pony in Westerville, Ohio, admitted that the Bobber in their showroom arrived from the factory with black heat shields, and that Indian made the decision to put the black shields on new bikes to help sell them BEFORE providing them to the customers who'd already paid for theirs and have been waiting.
This is the 3rd, brand new, Indian I purchased within 4 years. I also purchased a Springfield and a Roadmaster. And this is how Indian treats its customers?
If you purchased a Bobber and it was delivered with the wrong heat shields, and you've been waiting, I think you've been lied to. In my opinion Indian committed fraud, and used heat shields we paid for to generate new sales - in effect stealing our property. I recommend filing a complaint with your state Attorney General consumer law division, and contacting an attorney and suing this lying fucking company.
I let others ride my Springfield and Roadmaster. And it's not just that a part doesn't match the rest of the bike, it's that it's not what I paid for. think of it this way. A company takes your money for a product you purchase. They then take that money and buy the product but instead of giving it to you they sell it to someone else. They've used your money to make a profit off selling something you paid for. Sound fair? Legal? As for "finding a lawyer that will take that on" - I am a lawyer. And luck is not a factor.
It's all clear now. Your a lawyer. That explains a lot. For the most part Indian changed the images when the shortage happened. And I don't know of anyone who paid in full before their bike was received unless they offered it. A deposit is good to get the bike ordered.
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