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Hello to all,

I genuinely appreciate and respect the bikes, the forum, and above all the members and our shared enthusiasm.

In October 2016 I was at a dealership which to the best of my knowledge is no longer

that being Indian motorcycle of Northern New Jersey.

While there I physically saw, sat on, and test rode to the best of my knowledge and memory a 2016 Indian chief classic.

It was shown to me by a man named Patrick who I believe was in addition to a salesman perhaps a partial owner or manager of the dealership.

Long story short the bike was a unique two-tone color of red, not maroon, but bright red and white.

I came very close to pulling the trigger and buying the bike because in my humble opinion it looked attractive and also it was explained to me that the bike was one of only six ever made by the factory to test different colors but it never went into production.

The dealership explained to me that they bought the bike at a auction that was open only to Indian dealers and that the bike had a small scratch on the tank if I remember correctly and as a result they were offering it at a very good price.

I stayed in contact and tried to put it together however not much longer the dealership I believe closed and I lost track of the bike.

Back to the title of this thread.....

does anyone here know of this bike that they made supposedly sixth of?

in these colors from the factory as a pre-production test of different colors for that year.

For what it’s worth it was definitely a brand new bike with very little less than 50 miles and was factory paint not aftermarket.

Appreciate any comments and once more thank you for the time


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Somebody on here has posted pics of this bike. I don't know if this is the color scheme you remember, but it sure looks nice. I'm pretty sure I saved the pic from a thread about handlebar bags, if you wanna look for it that way.
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