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Size: Covers a large portion of the tank side on Challenger and Pursuit models and should be centered during application for greatest appeal. See images below. Decal artwork creates a panel graphic on the side of the tank.
Material: Laminated vinyl decals (either 12 mil gloss or Sandy Matte laminated). Hi-Tack Self-adhesive. Weatherproof and UV resistant, this material will last for many years and not fade. Can be applied directly over existing logos and will not damage your paint. And emblems on the tank would have to be removed before applying the decals (OEM emblems are applied with a double-sided adhesive tape and can be easily removed with dental floss moved back and forth behind the emblem. The remaining adhesive residue will wipe off with Goo-Gone. Clean tank with soap and water afterwards.

How To Install: <-Visit our How To page for videos
We recommend using the wet method to install larger decals: A spray bottle with water and dish soap can be used to wet the tank and the back of the decal, allowing you to slide the decal into place. To get the proper soap/water mix, start with a squirt of soap into your spray bottle. Shake it up and then spray it on your hand. Rub your finger tips together. You should feel the slipperiness of the soap. If it just feels like water, add more soap and try again. We recommend using less "wetness" for application on matte paint since the surface stays moist longer and will make it take longer to adhere. Once you have the decal aligned properly, use a squeegee or some non-abrasive tool (even your fingers) to push the moisture out from behind the decal and it will adhere to your tank. Start at the center of the decal and work outwards so that you can push any moisture and air out from under the decal. A plastic putty scraper with a thin cloth wrapped around it will work great and prevent scratching your decals. A hair dryer can assist in drying up the moisture faster for quicker adhesion.

American Flag (Color) -
Flag Flag of the united states Flag Day (USA) Event Electric blue
Flag of the united states Flag Textile Gesture Sleeve

American Flag (color) tank decals in Matte finish
American Flag (B&W) -
White Flag Flag of the united states Font Tints and shades

Arcadia (color or B&W) -
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

Azteca (B&W) -
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Azteca Blood Moon -
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire

Azteca (Color) -
Peafowl Bird Phasianidae Natural material Beak

Bear (B&W) -
Fuel tank Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Bear (Color) -
Roar Mouth Carnivore Jaw Felidae

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The Lilith Challenger - Custom 2020 Challenger Limited
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Bomber (Color) -
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Land vehicle Vehicle

Fenrir -
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle

SWB-729 - "Black Lift" -
Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

SWB-729 "Bronze" - SWB-729-Indian Challenger/Pursuit- Bronze
Wood Flash photography Art Event Darkness

SWB-729 "Chrome" -
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Motorcycle Vehicle

SWB-729 "Gold" -
Feather Tail Darkness Metal Wing

SWB-729 "White Smoke" -
Land vehicle Tire Fuel tank Automotive tire Automotive fuel system

Fuel tank Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

The Eagle -
Bird Water Plant Vertebrate Beak
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