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I Made a Luggage Rack

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What's cooking for this Thanksgiving in my garage? This is not a grill to BBQ your turkey, OK
! I'm just being creative making an additional mount position for this luggage rack to work with 2 ride modes:

a. 2-up - luggage rack can be mounted behind the passenger seat. It's a modular design, so the rack can also be integrated with a stylish sissy bar.

b. Solo - mount the luggage rack on top of rear fender/pillion.

Either mounting position guarantees my H-D buddies behind me will see the bold 'INDIAN' letters. The trick? Thank the reversible mounting brackets. I think I've made the world's biggest luggage rack for our Indian bagger. Did I just hear someone say it's a spoiler...

What do I have for appetizer and dessert?

a. Saddlebag guards
b. Sissy bars

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Indian Challenger, Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster, Springfield motorcycle luggage rack, sissy bar backrest, saddlebag guards
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How much for this (for the new style saddlebags)?

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I will offer offer these saddlebag guards in Chrome, hliss black, and matte black finish. The Chrome set will be in the upper $500. The black guards will be in the mid $500. Please bookmark my website for the final release date.
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