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How long have you owned your Indian?

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As a fairly new proud owner of a super chief limited and a road master limited, I was wondering if some of the long time members on this site could talk about how long they have owned an Indian Bike. Curious if any families have 100 year old bikes or older which are still in use or restored?

I plan on keeping my collection long term and will enjoy every mile I can! I only wished I lived in a warm climate 365 days a year!!

Thanks for any input on this topic.
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Bought my '14 in January '15. Added paint, bags, different seat w/ backrest(s), mustache bar, reduced reach handlebars, Buffalo air horn, trailer hitch and wire harness. No upgrades, different pipes or engine upgrades. 55,000+ miles later I just got it back from it's annual/semi-annual checkup. Needed a new clutch cable as the new bars left no adjustment available. Oil change and a few different pairs of tires and still riding. Guess I'm easy to please!
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