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After looking around for some extra storage for small readily accessible items on my Chieftain I came across this universal dash pouch from Hopnel, HDPBK Universal dash pouch. Per the item description "The 9 inch x 4.5 inch x 2 inch Universal Dash Pouch will fit any motorcycle with an exposed dash" and it fits the Chieftain dash pretty good IMO without interfering or touching the windshield like the Hopnel twin pouch designed for the Chieftain does (I tried the double pouch and sent it right back). The pouch Velcro's to the dash and I trimmed the bottom strip of Velcro that mounts to the dash slightly so that it is only on the glove box so that the glove box opens without restrictions. The pouch easily holds my phone, sunglasses and extra phone cable and has been rock steady while riding and I can open and close the pouch with
one hand.
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