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I have recently bought a GoPro 7 Black. And it is an amazing piece of technology. I used it for the first time on my last work trip to Europe, while recording some great roads in Switzerland and France and riding a 2019 Roadmaster. Today I used a custom-made mount that placed it just above the front fender of my Roadmaster and it worked out great. I ran a cable back to the handlebar for a remote microphone and that improved the sound quality, over what I got in Europe. Next I'm going to extend the mic back behind me, to eliminate some engine/tranny mechanical noise that still comes out in the video.

20190821_Hero 7 mount.jpg

I have seen some other posts asking how to mount a GoPro to an Indian. I have found that the steering stem, has a 14mm diameter hole through it's bottom. By making up an expandable bolt, similar to the old bicycle steering mounts of the past century, it was easy to install a bent piece of 1/8" steel protruding forward, over the front fender. Mounting the GoPro to it was a cinch.
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