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I hadn’t intended to blog this run but was asked to so that Andy and OT don’t loose any sleep wondering where I am. Not that OT actually sleeps. I think he just hangs upside down in the atic for an hr or two a night. I like to take all my bikes from home over the Vail Pass and through the desert just to expose them to varied and extreme conditions. Since the Pass was full of snow when I took Geronimo on the Myth Buster tour this is the first opportunity to run it over the mountain.
Kit all packed for an 8 to 10 day run.

I leave in a couple of hrs and it’s looking like another personal watercraft ride.

4:00 am and On the run.

Love this Indian backrest. Doubles as a jacket.

My Grandson gave me this lucky charm to keep me safe. It started working right off the bat. I was lucky to have this charm to cover the scratch on my primary after some numb nut dropped a tool on it.

Threading the needle as I call it running in between storms all day.

What just hit my calf ??? Oh Oh My board rubber has gone walkabout.
No problem Quick email to Justin at Indian of Lincoln and a replacement will be waiting for me. Just have to end the day short at the Nebraska border.

Survived another night in a cheesy $37 motel and both bike and rider are rested and unmolested. Unless of course you count the bum F ing I got at the local gas station. $12 for a small tube of sun block Geeez!

In Lincoln at 8:30

And what is the personal ride of an Indian dealer. Why a Gold Wing of course. Now I really trust this man’s judgment. He knows and rides reliability. LOL ( I am an x Winger myself)

Shop is still under construction but is a great location next to the hwy and will be a nice place when finished.
Good looking 09 Chief.

A couple of coffees and conversation with Justin and board is good as new. We have a new bike cover and ready to go. Justin is really a great guy. Very knowledgeable about his product and has no brand attitude at all. If you are considering Indian then consider dealing with Indian of Lincoln even if it is a ways to go for you.

Marvellous sunny morning for a ride through corn country.

Sideswiped by a big storm near Ogallala.

Never fails you can ride for an hour under black and purple threatening skies without a drop. Then just as you reach that outer edge with the promise of sunshine in the distance Wham! Niagara Falls.

Welcome to Colorado Again. I think they have changed that sign about 6 times since I‘ve been taking pictures of bikes in front of it.

Storm attempted to bushwhack me at Fort Morgan but I dropped the hammer on Geronimo and got out ahead of it.

Didn’t get a pic but there was a large dust storm rolling on the front edge of this storm and when I pulled over for gas the parking lot was full of storm chaser trucks. Not a good sign. We Go !!!!
Guy at the station in car parked next to me says I was thinking about you when we came through that dust storm.
Yeh what were you thinking.
I was thinking I’m so glad I wasn’t you hahahaahaha!!

Intend to stay in Idaho springs for the night but was about to hit Denver at rush hr so I let the Garmin Girl choose another route up the mountain.

Cut across to Boulder and up the back way. Beautiful winding road a bit slow with 35 to 40 MPH limit and most bends at 25 but time well wasted.

Pic may be too small but the canyon wall was full of freestyle rock climbers.

Snug in his new blanket Geronimo settled in for the night.

Tomorrow we do the Pass and head for the desert.
Some call these back to back 850 to 1100 mile days Iron Butts. Geronimo and I call them 'Just another day in Paradise.'

Beautiful sunny morning to head over the Pass.

Start the day off right with a good coffee beside a mountain stream.

Eisenhower Tunnel.

Geronimo takes the mountain like a champ. 6<sup>th</sup> gear all the way.

All morning beginning while I was having my coffee and every stop since women young and old have been coming up to me and saying.
I haven&rsquo;t seen one like that in sooo long
Can I touch it.
Can I take a picture it looks so good in this majestic scenery.
So I&rsquo;m getting concerned that maybe I neglected to Zip my fly.
Then it dawns on me that it&rsquo;s Geronimo that they are all gushing about.
Damn I need to find me a buckskin jacket with chrome buttons and frills on it.

So why do they name these places if no one is home?
Well I suppose the same question could have been asked of my Mother about naming Me haaha!

So you think you&rsquo;re a hard a$$ rider eh. You think you got big balls.
Think again Dudes.
I&rsquo;m at Thomson Springs gas stop in the middle of no place A 100 miles from anyplace and in rides this middle aged 4 foot nothing 90 lb soaking wet little girl on a 1995 should have been shot and buried 10 yrs ago 883 Sportster. She is doing an Across America Hep C awareness ride. No riding partner, no support vehicle all on her own. That takes one grade A extra large set of gonads.
Says she put on 35,000 miles last season. Ride on little sister ride on.

I have met people like this from Texas to Alaska and always take away the same moral from their stories. That is that we should not get too hung up on brand and bling because the truth is you can have the shittiest motorcycle but still have the greatest ride.I meet the most interesting folks in the strangest places. Or is that the strangest folks in the most interesting places.LOL

Yo! Moe she&rsquo;s looking pretty nasty ahead at the 15 junction. I think we are in for a bath.

Yup just got to stand here and wait it out.

Back at it once the storm passed and headed through the Virgin River Gorge on the Nevada border.

Stay at Mesquite Nevada in holding pattern until the Boss flies in at 1:00 Friday.
While I wait may as well give Geronimo a well deserved clean up.

Roll into Vegas Friday at noon.

Although it is not usual policy the Encore/Wynn allows Geronimo a stall in the underground Valet Parking when he visits.

The wife conspired with our host to enter me into a slot tournament.

Beach party theme, live band, food ,booze and sand sculpture.

Didn&rsquo;t finish in the money but they are sending me a case of steaks. &ldquo;Kool&rdquo;

Look honey life guard. I should take one on the return trip in case I run into more monsoon rain and need CPR.
In your dreams Bobby.
Of that I am sure Dear.

After the tourney things turn around and this should cover my gas and rooms for the trip. Oh yah goin to get me the $60 rooms on the way home.

Strike out from Vegas mid morning Sunday and guess what is waiting at the junction of the 15 and 70. Yup the big a$$ storm I met there on Friday. Knew I should have brought the life guard.

Do my usual stop for gas and a cold energy drink at Thomson Springs and Holy sh%t in 5yrs of riding Victory and Polaris products I have never had another Vic pull into a stop beside me. Rider of this Ness Cross Country was headed back to Minnesota from Phoenix. Thomson Springs is becoming motorcycle Area 51.

Geronimo at Ghost Rock.

I notice a lot bikes with gremlin bells strung on them to ward of road gremlins. Myself I&rsquo;d rather just give the little bastard a ride. That way I know exactly where he is.

Leave Grand Junction Colorado at the crack of dawn to head over the Pass.

First morning coffee.

Glenwood Canyon on the Colorado 70 is one of the finest 18 miles of scenic byway anywhere.

Oh! Oh! the Gremlins are starting to multiply. Grandkids will make short work of these guys.

Platte River Road Archway Monument Kearney Nebraska.

Vic dealership in Kearney.

Crossed paths with the Ness CC again just west of Omaha.
Day 3 final dash for home Omaha to London and home by 8:30 pm Teusday.
Geronimo isn&rsquo;t the world&rsquo;s fastest Indian but he&rsquo;s working hard at becoming the highest mileage Kings Mountain Indian.

Next month if things go as planned Anni heads for New Orleans.

Thanks for watching. Don't over plan or think it JUST Do IT.

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Great post. I really enjoy reading what you write and the pics make it even better. Thanks for sharing.

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From Deep within my dark atic
Looks like Geronimo got scalped

Geronimo with new toupee

<span>after that last night at a cheesy $37 motel I see </span>Geronimo now uses protection.

Note: Bob, have you seen my Tim Card?

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I noticed someting when reading this post:

Your travelogues make me smile!

Ride Bobby Ride!

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Seriously make me want to go out and just ride and ride and never look back. Oh and I want an Indian now as well lol

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Enjoy your ride Bob and thanks for the story! If you need a place to bunk on way home your welcome here,Duncan, NE. Won't even charge $37. And have stall for horse.

Onethumb---Love your comentary! LOL

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Something that would really be cool. Someone needs to ride across country and stay at members residences each night. That would make a great story here on the VOG. You get a free night stay in exchange for meeting members and a great story, pictures included. Everybody could follow daily the trip here on the VOG and book the next days stay. What say you.

Thaine put the idea in my head with his offer.

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I agree, after all the most exspensive part of being on trip is place to sleep.
My place is open to all members passing through just a fair warning would be nice but not required. Just give me a howdy.

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Thanks for the great photos and writeup. I really like the idea of staying with other VOG members when on road trips. My place is avaialbe if you need a place Charleston, SC.

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11766 said:
Something that would really be cool. Someone needs to ride across country and stay at members residences each night. That would make a great story here on the VOG. You get a free night stay in exchange for meeting members and a great story, pictures included. Everybody could follow daily the trip here on the VOG and book the next days stay. What say you.

Thaine put the idea in my head with his offer.
Let's remember not to place any personal information on the site!

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938 said:
<span>after that last night at a cheesy $37 motel I see </span>Geronimo now uses protection.

Note: Bob, have you seen my Tim Card?
Yeh! not like it's a secret whats under there.LOL
I think Wayne has your card. Is there a Tims in Ft. Mc Wherever?

Main thread updated.

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you are Mr. Consistency.
<li>Long days in the saddle</li>
<li>Mimimal apparel</li>
<li>Great photos and stories</li>
<li>And you like to follow the rain</li>
<div>Safe ride, I hope the rest of the ***** stays in tact</div>
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