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My name is Geronimo. I am a 2012 Kings Mountain Indian Chief Vintage. Abducted by some snowmobile company while still in the parts bins. I was spirited away to a lake on the far northern plains. Assembled in a corn field by a team of three and branded with the P word then banished to the Great White North.
My rider and I embarked on a journey to dispel some of the Myths about my kind.

Myth No. 1
Chiefs are not full touring machines. To this Geronimo says Buffalo Chips.
I have breakaway cruise control.
GPS and iPod stereo (Although my rider prefers to listen to the spirit voices in his head)

Without the squaw pad I have enough luggage space to travel the world.

Granted I do not have heated grips and seat. (But my rider says these are like fork and spoon, Nice to have but not essential to get the job done)
I do not have lower protection so in a heavy rain my rider gets soaked from ankle to nuts. But at his age who needs nuts? Also there are those that say he has an extra set.

Myth No. 2
Indians are only purchased by RUBs. Geronimo calls Beaver scat on this myth. My rider’s wife often says he was born in a barn. Therefore NOT Urban. As for rich HA! For Manitou’s sake when not packing the old woman this man stays at motel 6 and eats at Waffle House. On Purpose! No well healed white-eye would do this unless he needed his herbal remedies adjusted. On a lone rider trip he considers Denny’s fine dining.

I set out from the home village and carried my rider from Ontario, through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri .Over the Mississippi and into Oklahoma. Ending up in the land of the Tucumcari by day 2.
We saw much wind and flooding rain.

We then forged on through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona through high country hail and cold then blistering heat. Seeking the wisdom of the Buffalo along the way.

Stopping only 90 miles from the Valley of the Lost Wages as we await the arrival of the old woman in the great silver bird. We are not allowed in the Las Vegas without her present for some reason. My rider says it is a courtesy but Geronimo says he is squaw pecked tehehe!!!!

Myth No.3
Indians are not purchased by real riders. Geronimo says Skunk squirt to this myth as my rider has something north of 600 thousand miles on two wheeled ponies under his skinny behind. If that is not a real rider then there are none. He has chosen me as his personal mount and traded much wampum for my sister Anni to carry the old women, daughters and grand papoose.

Myth No.4
Indians wrack no miles. Geronimo has more miles on odometer in a few days of my white walls on the pavement than many others after several seasons.

Myth No.5
Indians have poor engine. Geronimo says road apples to this. My Power plus 105 heart pounds out a rhythm over thousands of miles beating only 2800 times per min at 75 mph. My Baker transmission shifts straight and true as the arrow that is my linkage. We easily pass all that get in our way.

We will rest 2 days in the city of lights then make the return trip to the village with less effort than that of a fleeting elk.

Even though later this yr the maker of snow machines will reinvent my tribe and I am sure will do a fine job of it. The New Indian. Instantly making me The Old Indian. “We Like That.”
This will not diminish me in the least. For I am Geronimo, “Kings Mountain Indian”, among the last of the hand crafted boutique Indians, trustworthy and majestic traveler of the mountain, the valley and the plain.

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Effin' A right, Geronimo! I hope you had wampum left enough for return trip fuel, after Lost Wages.....

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Another legendary BobbyG travelogue!

Many thanks for taking the time to document your trip and to set the record straight!

Viva Las Vegas!

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Me like, move many mountain in soul telling about your journey through old stomping grounds. Go on many journeys and tell us of your conquests around fires at night.

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Maybe Geronimo want stay bit longer where sun is still high in sky before returning to long house in the north. Whiteman weather talker speaks with fork tongue about long hot summer in north country and sends snow instead.


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Nice write up funny thing is the very last Indian # 25 was sitting on the floor in the shop at the dealer in Toronto, Ontario awhile back don't know if it sold or not

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That was a great tale, BG. Here's some soundtrack to go with it.

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' width='550' height='438'></iframe>

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A classic! That is an incredible road diary. Me and my sidekick -- two-dogs -- will be taking your place in the city of many lights and much trouble next weekend.


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enjoyable post but I question the RUB as well with an Anniversary Edition of the the Cross Country sitting next to it.

In any case with the MSRP of 19,000 for the new Chief it's looking like I may be a two bike garage again.
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