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Gear switch/sensor issue

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I have a 2014 Indian chief vintage with 35000 miles.

A couple of days ago, my bike started experiencing an intermittent problem, which usually happens after the bike has been ridden and warmed up for a while (sometimes the problem exists, other times it does not).

Specifically, when I start the bike in neutral with the kickstand down, the bike turns over, the RPMs go up to their characteristic 1300, and as the RPMs settle down to the warmed up idle speed (700-800 rpm), the neutral gear position quickly changes to first gear, and then back to neutral.

The problem is that when the bike momentarily thinks it's in first gear, the bike stalls because the kickstand is down. I'm able to navigate around this problem by either starting the bike in first gear or starting the bike in neutral with the clutch pulled in.

The display will also switch from neutral to First and back to neutral when the kickstand is up, but it wont stall. Sometimes it will just stay in the false first, before I kick it into real first.

I'm presuming there's an electrical issue or a problem with a sensor which is causing the bike to misidentify itself for a brief moment in first gear. The only error code that the bike displays is the kickstand being in the down position while I'm first gear

The link is a video of the problem. In this video, the kickstand is down. And if you look at the gear reading on the LCD display, you will see it quickly switch from neutral to First, and back to neutral causing the bike to stall.

Someone please help
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That's why I haven't had my switch replaced under the recall, it's working fine and it seems that almost everyone who had it done ends up with problems, some people are on there 2nd and 3rd switches and when they flashed the ECU's other problems came up like the low tire light flashing, things dont work right malfunction lights are on , vehicle lighting issues etc etc etc, dealers try to sell stuff to fix the bikes and say it's not the recall that caused it and sorry your bike is out of warranty, yes no lies this is happening
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