Up for sale since I sold my 2016 Springfield

Name a fair price and it's yours. No fuss, just trying to move these.

SOLD TO @ktmbmwbsa Pinnacle Solo Rider Grab Rail – Chrome (PN: 2879604-156)
SOLD TO @ktmbmwbsa Pinnacle Solo Luggage Rack (PN: 2883403-156)
2014 Genuine Tan Leather Driving Seat
2016 Chieftain Heated Driving Seat - Desert Tan With Studs (PN: 2880733-06)
2016 Chieftain Heated Passenger Seat - Desert Tan With Studs (PN: 880734-06)
2016 Chieftain Passenger Backrest Pad - Desert Tan With Studs (PN: 2879666-06)

Images 1, 2, 3: displaying 2014 Genuine Leather Driving Seat with Pinnacle Solo Rider Grab Rail & Pinnacle Solo Luggage Rack
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

Plant Motorcycle Hood Automotive lighting Tire

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Images 3, 4, 5: Displaying 2016 seat set (this is the Desert Tan set but dyed "Tobacco" using Fiebing's dye)
Sky Tire Land vehicle Plant Wheel

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Sky Vehicle

Plant Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank