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I ordered these in 2016 thinking I would replace the original ones, which had faded and gone green. The problem was that unlike those that came with the bike, when you order replacement bags, there apparently is no guarantee that they would be a matched set. They are just pulled from inventory I guess, and by the looks of these, from one end of the warehouse to another. One bag was manufactured in November of 2013 and the other December of 2014.

The part numbers line up as they should for 2014 bags, but you can see that a different roll of raw leather was used. The leather on one bag is considerably darker than the other. I called Polaris on it but got nowhere and the bags have been in their boxes, wrapped in plastic since that time.

The good news is that because they never left the box, there is no greening and the leather is still rich and supple, free from cracks.

They have never been on a bike, which makes these bags somewhat rare I suppose as they are essentially new, 2014 bags. But they don’t match perfectly and there are a few wear marks from storage/shipping (see long streak on top of one bag)

These are for sale at around 50% off from the new cost as at $1150.00, shipped. Even though they are essentially New in Box. You'd be getting 2 bags for the price of one. Price reflects fact the leather doesn't match and there are some wear marks from shipping and storage.

I have the bags only, none of the mounting bolts or hardware. those were lost somewhere along the line but can be ordered easily off the Indian site.

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