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I have a set of the Cobra Chrome tires for the TS111 bikes with the 16-inch wheel front and rear.

I bought these for my bike but I am now going to the 19-inch front wheel.

I can sell just the front or because it is better to install a matched set, I will sell the pair.

If you just pound down the freeway then these are not for you as they are the best handling tires but not the longest wearing.

I expect to get about 12-18K out of them but to have much more fun on the bike due to the higher quality handling.

If you ride curvy roads and like to get into it, these are known industry-wide as the best tire for handling.

All I'm going to do is get another in the 19-inch size or a set if someone wants both of these.

I have Avons on my Norton and had them on my Ducati. I have also used Dunlops, Metzlers, Michelins, and Pirellis.

The Avons were always the best handling and they delivered the most fun.

I paid $450 with tax which was 20% off list, so save yourself another $100 off that.

$350 shipped.

PM is best.
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