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For sale is my 2016 Thunder Black Indian Springfield. Original owner. 1,170 miles.
Includes the following Indian accessories:
- Stage 1 cam/pipes/intake/tune (stock parts also included).
- Rider backrest
- Passenger backrest
- Luggage rack
- Lower wind deflectors
- Upgraded floor board pads
- Handlebar/Windshield bag
Includes the following aftermarket accessories:
- Wheeldock
- Lee Bailey saddlebag luggage
- Freedom 14" recurve windshield (stock shield included)
- Indoor flannel cover
- Battery tender w/integrated wiring connection
- Vololights license plate frame
- Captain Itch Crotch Cooler

Full disclosure: The bike was in a minor accident where it rear-ended a vehicle at low speed. Damage was limited to
front fender (fender, trim, light, etc), turn signal/bracket, crash bar and saddlebag. Crash bar and saddlebag were slightly
damaged when bike fell over on road as part of the accident. Bike was repaired at an Indian dealer. Pics of damage included.

I am selling as I simply don't ride the bike. I put ~750 miles on it in 2016 and then bought a sports car in 2017. I have friends with
cars and no friends with bikes and hence the bike sits other than 20 mile short rides every so often. A motorcycle cop was riding
the bike to check out Indians (he rides Harley's for work) during the accident.

54 Posts
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Yes, the bike is still available. It was completely repaired with Indian parts at an Indian dealer.
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