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Friction noise on deacceleration

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Especially when I engine brake, there is a squeaky friction noise coming to a stop or deaccelerating. I am pretty sure it isn't brakes as the pads were just replaced and the noise was from before that. Any ideas?
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edit- The bike threw on the ABS light a few days ago, restarted the bike snd it went away, ABS worked again. Not sure if that is related.
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A few months back I swapped to EBC pads. The job was done outside the dealership (so not sure if they checked and cleaned up everything as they should).

Same effect as you are describing: coming to a stop or rolling slowly I hear a grindind friction noise from the front ... after some riding time!
Never right from the start!
Applying and relasing front brakes while the sound is noticeble has no effect.
Since they supposedly changed wheel bearings at the same time I was suspecting wheel bearing /axle shaft as well ... but there was no extraordinary heat anywhere.

Interestingly ... for the last 4-5 rides I am not hearing this sound anymore ...

Lesson learnt? : Next time I do the change myself!

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I've noticed with EBC that they make some noise at first and then quiet down after awhile. Cleaning everything during the install helps hurry the process.
"I am pretty sure it isn't brakes as the pads were just replaced and the noise was from before that. "
They were making some noise, that's gone as you said it goes away. This is another noise that isn't fresh brake pads. Thanks!
Check that you don't have any buildup of road grime between the wheel speed sensor and the tone ring - both front and rear. There's not a large gap and there might be something caught in there that's making the noise. The ABS light might be an indication that it's not getting a proper signal.
Could be belt alignment that you're hearing!!
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