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Howdy howdy, Scout riders.

I don't ride a Scout, but it's looking more and more like my 2015 Yamaha Bolt will be part Scout sometime in the future. I'm a sucker for big fat front tires (yes, I know I could have just bought a Scout if I wanted that, but I got a steal of a deal on the Bolt and the Scouts were practically brand new when I went bike hunting).

HOWEVER! It would appear from some hunting around that the Scout and the Bolt are fairly simpatico RE front end fitment - I just need some bearings, and maybe a swap of the steering stem. Rake, travel, all that jazz is basically the same. I could, however, use some measurements for planning purposes, and I'd rather not have people trying to sell me another motorcycle (ow my wallet) or shooing me off why attempting to gather them.

So, the things that would be helpful are listed below, any help is greatly appreciated, and stay safe out there.

Neck Height - The height of the part that the steering stem fits through. This will tell me if I need to change that out before I go having someone press bearings onto something.

Total Wheel Diameter - The total diameter of the wheel and tire together, will help me figure out how similar the stock Scout wheels and tires are to my Bolt's skinny little front end. Ballpark from center to center on the tire would be fine, I don't need an exact.

Riser Center to Center Width and height - The width from the center of each handlebar riser to the other, and the height. This'll help give me an idea if I can reuse my stock bars, which I just had a knockout drag out fight with thanks to Yamaha's questionable bar weight mounting decisions. I'd like to save an afternoon's worth of work if possible.

Also, if anyone has a good pic of the frame stops or can get one, that'd be really helpful
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